Opus Numeris was founded in 2021 out of a shared observation resulting from our combined experiences on data programs: data usages and related prospective vision are often overlooked and this ends up undermining digital transformation efforts and their expected value.

We are a collective of data enthusiasts, architects, seasoned business and technology experts, teaming up to catalyze our customers’ data innovation and deliver concrete, relevant, fit-for-use, value-driven and up-and-running solutions.

We are not a typical consulting firm. We define ourselves as an architectural practice for Information Technology solutions for data management, committed from one end of projects to the other – alike construction architects engaged in the envisioning, design, engineering and construction of buildings throughout the whole lifecycle.

Opus Numeris is a latin term derived from a terminology used in architecture to describe the various techniques of constructing buildings as well as the resulting construction (opus gallicum, opus incertum, etc.). Hereby paired with the term Numeris (« the numbers » and by extension « the science of numbers », but also « the rhythm or tempo of a musical work »), it designates our approach to design, build and implement information management solutions :

        〉Using specific design methods and architectural techniques to imagine, conceive and build digital works starting from business operational needs;

        〉Following an overarching goal to build tailor-made, secure and sustainable products focused on usages and value;

Different types of Opus Quadratum, an ancient architectural technique from about the 6th century BC used to build walls for public buildings, reservoirs, bridges, etc. :