We live and breathe data

We believe our clients deserve to work with the best experts in each field. All our members are seasoned data professionals who combine both business and technical expertise. For us, data management is much more than a job, it’s a passion. This unique combination drives our innovative thinking and gives us the ability to build state-of-the-art solutions for new and improved data usages.

We value partnerships and independence

We think meaningful innovations can only come from balanced partnerships and honest collaboration. Establishing mutual trust within our clients’ ecosystem is the keystone of our mindset. Our commitment is to shoulder our responsibilities throughout our assignments, and let our clients get the deserved credit for their successes.

We thrive at building superior solutions

Problems cannot be solved with the same thinking that was used when they were created. We made this Einstein principle our own. We offer guidance to help our clients solve problems and catalyze their innovation with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Driven by results, we build on proven technology bricks and platforms and we leverage specifically-designed approaches and methods as well as accelerators, to secure quality and time-to-market. 

We keep industrial secrets locked down

We recognize the importance of our clients’ intellectual property, datasets, processes and ways of working in their positioning on the market. From the start of any collaboration, we guarantee them the upmost confidentiality through proprietary code and binding NDAs, supported by specific contracts aiming at securing for them both the knowledge of how to best manage information in their market and their arduously-gained technology leadership.

We think success is a matter of attitude

At the end, great achievements are driven by people. Our A-team is composed of outstanding individuals with courage, conviction, curiosity, who care about others and who are driven by high standards of intellectual rigor. At Opus Numeris, we do care about each others. We respect our members’ skills and interests and work hard to match them with clients’ challenges. We value our members’ continuous personal development because it embodies our purpose to lead through technology and innovation.