Companies in almost all industries know that enhancing the exploitation of data is a smart way to keep or to gain a competitive advantage. Data, when turned into information, can help them secure a better position on the value chain, improve their operational efficiencies and increase their market share (through enhanced products or services delivering a higher value, bettered access to customers, etc.). However, when most organizations have been investing in data programs and even try to leverage those projects to transform themselves into data-driven companies, a majority fall short on expectations, or experience a slow transformation. The risk is that their competitors act faster. Digital-natives are reconfiguring entire industries with the speed of light and, in the past decade, many business ecosystems have been completely reconfigured by new business models.

Through our combined experience, we, at Opus Numeris, have identified the main issues that prevent companies from moving fast enough. We collectively designed new approaches and built accelerators that allow us to start partnering with our clients to quickly find the right path to improve their Information Management capabilities and build for them innovative and sustainable solutions that will help them overcome business, technical, organizational and cultural issues.

Our comprehensive service offering bridges business and technical problematics through the management of information assets. We believe that the most valuable data solutions are built from a business prism, driven by data usages and contributing to creating concrete and sustainable business value. But we are also convinced that true business transformation involves technologies that envision the future. This is why we value the architectural approach, from vision to implementation.