The ON Cornerstone

An innovative, end-to-end approach, to quickly build the foundations and first building blocks of a complete and operational Information Management System. This preliminary work, addressing a specific business need or use case, can then be used as the cornerstone for new data solutions to be built: platforming technical choices, integration toolbox, implementation within organization, collaboration methods and their industrialization. Theses foundations could implemented in a surprisingly reasonable timing, when focusing on the crucial stakes as we propose in our methodology.

We describe below the main ON Cornerstone stages, related activities and typical duration:

Business assessmentSolution designSolution developmentDelivery & continuous improvement
Use case identification, vision & strategy, selection of a priority UC, and definition of business requirementsData modeling Architecture & Data Engineering

Development of initial functionalities Data integration, governance, quality & initial migration
Development of additional functionalities Evolutive maintenance of integration, governance and quality processes / technology
4-6 weeks

6-10 weeks

(on a limited scope of data that we will help you pick during the vision & strategy phase)
Depending on state of source data, number of interfaces and scope of functionalities

Ongoing support