Data Quality Framework & Engine

Solving data quality issues is not only a matter of technology. It relies first of all on coordinated collaboration between business SMEs and IT experts to scope, prioritize, measure and then eventually remedy faults after several iterations of a team work. 

Solving data quality issues should not be seen as a project either. To become a trustfull asset and serve enterprise strategy efficiently, data requires a constant quality management effort, sponsorship, methodology and governance. 

ON data quality framework combines a methodologic offer embedded with technical accelerators through an agile approach. Our non-invasive solution is based on proven implementations. The underlying toolset can be both used to achieve data quality discovery process « on demand » or run scheduled processes on the long haul. A modular design enables a solution tailored for organizations to measure and a eventually cleanse datasets under diverse structures.

It is definitely part of data governance activities to place quality as a cross-enterprise, wide range and long-term initiative and set up the appropriate roles that will drive data quality and other data management related topics to success.

We do constantly improve and operate our solutions to bring our customers the assets that support their business rather than adding new constraints on top…